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Mikel "Kel" Brabham
Founder/Wellness Coach

Mikel is a wife and mother of 3 wonderful children ages 6, 7, and 11. As the children came, the pounds attached to each and every part of her body. It wasn't until November of 2008 that she reached her highest weight of 217 pounds and declared that enough was enough. Her weight loss journey officially began January 2009 and to date she has lost and kept off a total of 49 pounds. She is 8 pounds away from her goal and plans to reach her goal weight of 160 pounds by November 2012.  

As Mikel continued to share her weight loss journey with her Facebook friends and family, she was continually asked to be a personal coach and motivator to many. The requests became overwhelming so she decided to take her passion and turn it in to a business.
Mikel has received Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Elizabeth City State University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Kaplan University in Health and Wellness as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Phoenix. 

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Issac "Ike" Brabham
Wellness Coach/ Fitness Consultant
Ike's goal is to provide you with quality information to help transform your lives "one pound at a time." He has been an avid strength trainer for 12 years. Running and jogging are Issac's favorite pastimes. For years, he has studied and tested countless theories and articles related to losing weight and packing on the muscle. Ike is here to make your question marks disappear. Let him do the research for you and share in your weight loss journey.

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