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JULY 2010
Member of The Month
Takiyah Bailey, VA
Takiyah wrote:

Wow who would have thought it has been a year already!! I'm nowhere near the goal I set for myself over a year ago but I'm still truckin on! All I can say is life happens! One thing is for sure! I have kept the weight off that I've lost and I'm going forward not backwards!

Member of The Month
Tricia Speller Williams, NC
Tricia wrote:

In January, I made a New Year's Resolution to lose weight by exercising and making healthy eating choices. I did extremely well almost the entire month. However, I soon fell back into the "old me" and I quickly got bored with it and there went the decline.

One bad decision led to another and then another. By early March,
I suddenly realized that I had fallen right back into my same routine of fast food and laziness. I was so disappointed in myself, but couldn't find the strength to get back on the wagon and stay there.
I kept receiving the text messages from LBE and a lot of them felt like they were written directly to me. Day after day, my phone vibrated with text after text telling me I was making excuses, stop waiting for Monday, stop being lazy and be responsible for me.

November came around and I finally decided I was sick of putting everything before my health. So to make sure I was serious, I started before Thanksgiving. I refused to wait until January. I started counting calories, I took a Belly Dancing class and had my own exercise routine at home.

To date, I have lost 22 pounds and have set weight loss goals for myself for every month. As soon as I let Mikel know what my ultimate goal was, she was quick to respond: "I'm all over it!" And then went right into giving me suggestions, ideas, etc.

That's the kind of support that I need and that's what I have been getting from LBE. How can you fail with support like that?

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